Financial Highlights

CKHH full year statutory results

  HK$ US$
2018 (in millions) (in millions)
Total Revenue (1) 453,230 58,106
Profit attributable to ordinary shareholders 39,000 5,000
Earnings per share (2) HK$10.11 US$1.30

Final dividend per share 2.30 0.295
Full year dividend per share 3.17 0.406

(1) Total revenue, EBITDA and EBIT include the Group’s proportionate share of associated companies and joint ventures’ respective items, as well as reflecting the Group’s share of results on the remaining 10% direct interest in the co-owned infrastructure investments with CK Infrastructure Holdings Limited (“CKI”) after the divestment of 90% of the direct economic benefits in October 2018.

(2) Earnings per share for the years ended 31 December 2018 and 2017 is calculated based on CKHH’s weighted average number of shares outstanding during the years of 3,857,216,697 and 3,857,678,500 respectively.